Pip's Prayer

Lord's Prayer

"Our Flying-Spaghetti-Monster, who stuArt (supposedly?) in Heaven (or hIgh!). Hollowed elbow-macaroni be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom Cums, anointing Virgin Mary (bukkake runneth over!) and in Mary Magdalene (oldest profession!).
Thy Will be done (Shane, Grace, Henry, Emma, and Noah Lennon too)... on Earth, as we are on Earth.
Give us this day, our daily day-time (and plenty of night-time would be nice to receive also).
Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who've trespassed on our priv8 property.
Lead us not into Tempt8ion (that filthy bitch has 666 Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases),
but deliver us 2 evils, 4 neutrals, and at least 8 goods and services (or pizzas),
as we strut, swagger, and stunt through the shadow of Death Valley (in Cali).
Let thy Pip's Kingdom Cum, in Power and Glory (those wholesome whores!).
Forever we say 'ever', 'never', 'sever', 'clever', and 'lever'. Ramen!"

Flying Spaghetti Monster