Pip Stuart's Invit8ion to 7 Uncles, 1 Father, and 2 Brothers:
LaMerS Conference Mon. Feb. 8th - Tue. Feb. 16th of 2021

You have been cordially invited to attend the:

Lennon's, Mathews', and StuaRt's -- "LaMeRS" Land Lords'

Captain's Cove Conference in OshKosh, Wisconsin.

Please R.S.V.P.! You may crash on my floor if you don't need a hotel.

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So mainly this conference is intended to be about 10 or 12 men joining to discuss life, the universe, and everything... but the main agenda topic I'd like us to attempt to evalU8 together is the possibility of purchasing Captain's Cove (which I've heard is up for sale right now) and installing myself, John Satoshi Beppu-san (one of my best friends), and Gerry Stuart (my Dad) as all 3 the LandLords overseeing the proper care for (and management of) this place. Hopefully you all can each pitch-in one eighth of the price and Tim can get whatever financing needs to come together to make this happen.

Please feel free to call (920)233-0011 and ask for Doug Carder (the current LandLord) if you'd like to track down the current land-owners to find out any inform8ion you might wish to obtain ahead of this on-site conference I am scheduling. I have attempted to contact Doug about this possibility before, but he never responds to me. You may need to leave him voice-mails, but I expect he will be inclined to respond to any of you, if you indic8 that you're seriously considering purchasing the property. Maybe I'll find another way.

After chatting with Dad about this idea, he indic8d that he has no interest in helping manage any property, but maybe he will at least consider moving here to be nearer to me. So my plan for now is to have John Beppu-san and I manage this place for the 8 or you (and any of you that would like to for any reason, can come live here and help us do our duties, perform any needed maintenance with us, etc.). Of course we all can discuss any other conditions you may have too.

I am interested in establishing such an arrangement on a 3-Month sort of trial prob8ion-period where each of you 8 men become $64 / Month p8rons for me on Patreon.Com and then each of you also send me just $50 more per-Month, so that I make exactly $912 to serve in this role for the first 3-Months. This amount is ideal for me due to the "means-testing" that applies to my SSDI DisAbility income benefits (which I receive for my BiPolar Type I DisOrder).

If I earn anything beyond exactly $912 within a single Month, I jeopardize losing my entire SSDI benefit amount (which is presently around $1600 / Month). I think the 2 of us could run this place smoothly and efficiently in such a way that each of you would stand a good chance of turning a healthy profit pretty promptly from the approxim8ly $32,000 / Month that the 8-buildings (each with 8-units) collect in rent each Month (with about $500 / Month rent being paid by every one of the 64 total units). Beppu-san and Dad can negotE8 for themselves.

We should probably also all attempt to decide together what (if anything) should be done about my treacherous Moms (and the monies they should owe me). Hopefully we can all have a good time together for just over a whole week. Let's laugh and cry with each other, until it hurts! I love you all, and hope to see you here on February 8th of 2021. Dad might want to try to give a "Fix-the-Radio" seminar about "Personal-Development" which he's been working on.

!8! <3 !8! -Pip

P.S. If none of you want to visit me and you all are unwilling to consider buying Captain's Cove, could you at least please think about pooling your resources to reloc8 me back in Venice or NorthHollywood soon? This might enable us all to meet for coffee once-per-Month and I will no longer remain so terribly isol8d. Thanks very much!